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Strategies to defend against a DUI

| Oct 17, 2014 | DUI |

Georgia residents who have been charged with DUI may face a number of consequences upon conviction. However, there are several different strategies that might help a person avoid a guilty verdict or excessive penalization. Our firm could assist a client build a defense case that fits his or her circumstances and seeks to protect that defendant’s rights.

We represent clients that are facing a variety of charges associated with impaired driving allegations. Regardless of a client’s alleged blood alcohol content, our attorneys may be able to help individuals seek a dismissal of DUI charges before a trial begins. By using a number of strategies such as questioning if an officer had reasonable suspicion to pull over a defendant or suggesting that officials lacked probable cause when making an arrest, our firm might be able to argue against the charges and the sanctions associated with a conviction.

In addition to possible penalties upon conviction, DUI allegations may result in a number of administrative sanctions. Under certain circumstances, like after a refusal to offer a breath sample or after a testing device reports a BAC of over .08 percent, a defendant’s license may be suspended. Our firm could potentially assist clients in applying for a hearing before the Georgia Department of Driver Services, which might help them avoid an extended suspension while the case is being tried.

These examples are only a few of the different ways that our firm may be able to help those who are facing DUI charges in Georgia. Individuals who might want to learn more about different defense strategies may benefit from looking over our webpage about combating Defending DUI Charges”, October 17, 2014