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Some drivers eligible for limited permits after DUI convictions

| Oct 3, 2014 | License Suspension |

Georgia residents who are accused of DUI may see their driver’s licenses suspended as a result of the charges against them. Many people facing drunk driving charges may wonder how they can return to their normal routines at work, school or other important places as they move through the legal process.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services may issue a limited permit after a person’s driver’s license is suspended as a result of a DUI conviction. Limited permits may be issued to people who need to drive to work or school, to a medical or pharmaceutical provider for treatment or to alcohol or drug treatment facilities and support groups. DDS sometimes places restrictions on limited permits such as where a person may drive to, the travel routes they may take, when they can drive to these places and which vehicle they may use.

People convicted of their first DUI charge with no prior charges on their records are eligible to apply for limited permits. Drivers who have an implied consent suspension cannot receive limited permits until the suspension expires. People convicted of a second or third DUI may be able to obtain a limited permit with an interlock device restriction. Some applications are dependent on the court’s permission.

A driver’s license suspension can disrupt the lives of entire families, and it may be vital for a person convicted of DUI to obtain a limited license to resume their normal lives. DUI defense attorneys may be able to help people accused of drunk driving, representing them in all aspects of the process including applying for a limited permit. Attorneys might attempt to reach an agreement with prosecuting attorneys that exchanges a guilty plea for reduced penalties or charges.

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