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Georgia driver accused of DUI after passing school bus

| Sep 11, 2014 | DUI |

A driver who allegedly jumped a curb in order to pass a school bus near a middle school is facing DUI charges. According to authorities, the incident was captured on the dashcam of a patrol vehicle of an officer with the Peachtree City Police Department who ultimately caught up with the driver and executed a traffic stop. Reportedly, the event took place while the bus was stopped at a light.

At the time of the incident, the school bus was full of children, authorities reported. In addition to DUI, the driver is facing other undisclosed charges. It was not clear immediately following the event how police determined that the driver was intoxicated. Nor was it immediately clear if police measured the blood alcohol content of the driver.

It is important to remember that people accused of driving under the influence are not necessarily guilty of the offense and not all DUI charges result in convictions. In fact, people may be falsely accused of impaired driving for a host of reasons, and so it is imperative that accused individuals retain the counsel and representation of a criminal defense attorney. The attorney may review the case in detail and assemble the resources necessary to mount an aggressive and multi-pronged defense.

In the event that the prosecution’s case against the accused individual appears to be substantial and comprised of unassailable evidence, the defense attorney may have the opportunity to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors. If available, this type of deal may permit accused individuals to receive mitigated penalties or even alternative sentencing in exchange for entering a guilty plea. However, the deal is not valid until its terms are ratified by a judge.

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