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What aggravating factors can affect DUI penalties in Georgia?

| Aug 6, 2014 | DUI |

Penalties for driving while under the influence in the state of Georgia are strict already and could result in jail time or a driver’s license suspension. However, some aggravating factors can add on to sentences faced by those convicted of DUI.

One of the main factors that can add to a DUI sentence is the driver’s BAC level. Someone with an extremely high BAC level could face additional jail time. Having a minor in the car while under the influence of alcohol can also add to a DUI sentence. In Georgia, this applies if the minor is under the age of 12. DUIs in a school zone can also result in increased penalties whether or not a minor was in the vehicle.

Driving with excessive speed can be considered an aggravating factor as well. In Georgia, driving more than 30 mph over posted speed limits can result in additional jail time, as could driving the wrong way on a highway. Driving on a suspended or revoked driver’s license or having multiple convictions could also result in additional penalties. Finally, causing an accident that results in harm or death can also be a determining factor for aggravated DUI penalties. If any of these factors are present in a DUI, the accused faces a mandatory minimum jail sentence of four days.

Someone who has been charged with DUI may wish to work with a lawyer so that he or she can gather as much information as possible before deciding the best course of action for his or her individual case.  In some cases, an attorney might be able to negotiate to have any additional charges and their accompanying sentence requirements reduced or dropped.

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