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Principal resigns after DUI accidents

| Aug 4, 2014 | DUI |

A Georgia educator was taken into custody on July 26 on multiple charges including DUI in two counties. Four days later, he resigned his position as Milton High School’s principal.

According to a representative of the sheriff’s office in Forsyth County, the 37-year-old principal left a location in north Forsyth around 9:40 p.m. He was driving a Chrysler and hit a parked car. He left the scene of the accident, drove into Cherokee County and was involved in another crash on Highway 20 around 10:30 p.m. Reports from Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office said the Chrysler was lying on the driver’s side. He was transported to a local hospital after emergency responders extricated him from the car. A blood alcohol test was done, but the results were not provided in the news source.

According to authorities, the principal said he drank before driving. He was charged in Forsyth County with driving under the influence, failure to report striking a vehicle, failure to maintain lane and hit and run. He was released from the detention center in Forsyth County on a bond of $8,525. On July 29, after warrants for his arrest had been issued in Cherokee County, he was taken into custody on DUI and several other charges and released on a $3,730 bond after a few hours.

The consequences of DUI can include jail time and fines. Driving while intoxicated may also negatively affect one’s career. An attorney could assist someone charged with DUI by reviewing toxicology and police reports to determine if proper protocol was followed.

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