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Georgia man found drunk in car with liquor and unbuckled baby

| Aug 25, 2014 | DUI |

Police reported that they found a 39-year-old man asleep at the wheel of his car at the exit ramp of Interstate 75 southbound at Jodeco Road in McDonough on August 9. Another driver had called the Henry County police to say that they had seen a driver slumped over in his vehicle around 5:30 a.m. The vehicle, a Nissan SUV, was sitting at a green light but still running.

An officer found that the SUV was still in drive and that the operator’s foot was on the brake pedal. Police also said that they found a 2-year-old in the front passenger seat without a seat belt. They said that they discovered a bottle of whiskey sitting in a child’s car seat in the back seat of the SUV. When the man was awakened, he turned the vehicle off but had to be told by police to put it into park.

When police asked the man for his license, he informed them that it had been suspended three weeks earlier. He was administered a series of field sobriety tests before being held on suspicion of DUI. Police then discovered a bag containing a powder that the man said was cocaine. He was charged with two DUI counts, possession of cocaine and endangering a child.

Presenting a DUI defense may be easier with the support of an attorney. A lawyer can ask questions about the events leading up to an arrest in order to raise questions about the charges.

In a case similar to this one, a lawyer is likely to ask questions about the failure to administer a blood alcohol test. An attorney may look at police and court paperwork from an incident in order to find grounds for seeking a dismissal of the case.

Source: KSAT, “Police: Dad drunk with baby unbuckled, liquor in car seat,” Vanzetta Evans, Aug. 14, 2014