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A DUI charge doesn’t always have to lead to a conviction

| Aug 19, 2014 | DUI First Offense |

When you’re facing DUI charges, it might seem like walking away without a sentence is next to impossible. However, DUI penalties can be harsh, and an aggressive defense strategy could save you from time in jail or losing your driver’s license. At Daniels and Rothman, P.C., we try to win every case, even those that may seem likely to end in conviction.

Our firm helps those who are facing charges for felony DUI offenses or underage DUI, and those facing charges while residing in another state. We’ll explore a number of potential defenses to find the one that best fits your case, whether it comes down to an error with the breath test or a lack of probable cause. If you’ve refused a breath test and have been arrested based on field sobriety test results, we are even more likely to get defense options than we need.

Even the first DUI conviction can call for up to a year of incarceration and can have detrimental effects on a person’s professional life. A breath test result of .08 percent or higher or a refusal to take a breath test altogether could also result in a license suspension. However, applying for a hearing with the Georgia Department of Driver Services within 10 days of an arrest can delay a suspension while we work on your defense strategy.

Someone who faces a charge for DUI isn’t always necessarily condemned to time in jail or losing their driver’s license. If you’d like to find out more about possible defense strategies, please view our page on defending DUI charges.

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