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Penalties for drunk driving in Georgia

| Jul 26, 2014 | DUI |

Individuals in Georgia may be aware that the state has strict laws pertaining to driving under the influence, but they may not be aware of just what the penalties are for breaking those laws. The penalties can vary depending on whether the accused has had convictions in the past as well as other determining factors.

While a first offense might result in a chance of incarceration up to a year and a $300 minimum fine, a second offense within five years of the first could result in a $600 minimum fine and mandatory time in jail. Along with that could come a license suspension of three years and a minimum of 30 days of community service as well as other fees and programs.

A third offense within five years of the second offense could result in 15 days of mandatory jail time, fees of up to $5,000, five year license revocation, mandatory community service and mandatory substance abuse treatment.

The penalties can be affected by other factors as well. For example, having an open alcoholic beverage container in the car could result in an additional $200. Someone who is considered to have been driving aggressively could face additional charges as well as a six-point assessment toward driver’s license suspension.

Someone who finds themselves facing such penalties in the state of Georgia may wish to seek the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer. A lawyer might be able to help a client in negotiating for a plea agreement, which could reduce sentencing or result in dropped charges.

Source: Governor’s Office of Highway Safety In Georgia, “Georgia’s Impaired Driving Laws & Penalties“, July 11, 2014