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Georgia man stopped by police, faces DUI charges

| Jun 6, 2014 | DUI |

A Georgia man accused of causing a fatal car accident that killed his bride in December was arrested recently on suspicion of DUI. According to the police, he left a pub close to Refuge and Turner Roads in Jasper, entered his vehicle and drove through a stop sign on May 24. A police officer spotted him at approximately 1 a.m. A judge revoked a bond placed on him for charges placed on him back in February.

The man reportedly smelled of alcohol when a Pickens County Sheriff officer stopped his Chevrolet Silverado. The police said he had a blood alcohol level of .158 percent, which is above the .08 percent legal limit. In addition to bond revocation, the man entered rehab. He also had warrants out for his arrest because of a December wreck that killed his former bride. His new wife died after they left the wedding reception. When driving, he lost control of the wheel and rolled down an embankment. The impact ejected the wife from the vehicle, and she landed underneath the car where she lay trapped. She died on the scene, and it is said the husband tried desperately to seek help.

The defendant’s mother said her son was grieving, and the man asked the cop if he could get a warning. The police officer said he can’t get a warning for a DUI, and they reported that he was charged with several other traffic violations. A court date had not yet been scheduled as of May 28, but he more than likely will go to trial.

The man’s responsibility for his wife’s death hasn’t been decided yet in court. A DUI defense lawyer could still represent him in the trial and defend him from the vehicular homicide charges against him. He may also need representation for the more recent DUI charge.

Source: The Cherokee Tribune, “Groom booked on DUI: Quinton charged in second offense, enters rehab Read more: Cherokee Tribune – Groom booked on DUI Quinton charged in second offense enters rehab “, Joshua Sharpe, May 28, 2014