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Frequency of DUI arrests likely to increase during summer months

| Jun 1, 2014 | DUI |

Multiple DUI arrests were made in Thomasville recently, and authorities expect that the frequency of drunk driving arrests will increase as the summer season progresses. However, there is one strategy that Georgia residents can successfully employ in order to limit the chances of getting pulled over for DUI. According to police in Thomasville, that strategy is to avoid drinking and driving in the first place.

Furthermore, trying to pass sobriety tests while drunk is not advisable. Indeed, one police representative from Thomasville claims that it is virtually impossible to cheat one’s way through a sobriety test. For one thing, says the officer, the eyes of an inebriated person will involuntarily jerk, and there is just no way of preventing that from happening.

A DUI arrest generally has several stages leading up to it. Commonly, a driver will be stopped for a comparatively innocuous driving violation — speeding or running a red light, perhaps. After that, the police officer will approach the vehicle and detect evidence of intoxication.

Next, a sobriety test will be employed, which could involve various vertical and horizontal gaze tests. Finally, an individual will be asked to take a voluntary Breathalyzer exam. It is when these combined test results show compelling evidence of inebriated driving that an individual may be arrested and subjected to chemical testing conducted by the state.

Police in Thomasville are encouraging drivers to prevent a DUI arrest by refraining from drinking and driving altogether. However, it is not unheard of for drivers to suffer a DUI arrest even though they were sober. Regardless of the circumstances, a Georgia driver accused of DUI may be able to improve the ultimate outcome of his or her legal case by employing various DUI defense strategies. The goal of these strategies will be to obtain a verdict of not guilty, get the charges dropped completely or achieve a reduction in punishment in the event of conviction.

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