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When asked for license, DUI suspect allegedly offers beer

| May 12, 2014 | DUI |

DUI charges can stem from poor judgment, and they can also be the result of a Breathalyzer machine that was improperly calibrated. Every situation is different, but the one variable that is always the same is that a conviction of a DUI offense — whether it’s the first, second or third — carries serious consequences. The penalties can range from a suspension or revocation of driving privileges, substance abuse treatment, substantial fines and/or time in jail. The future for one Georgia man is uncertain as he is facing his third DUI arrest.

Reportedly, a man in Georgia recently struck a police car. Police say he then left the scene. However, the authorities reportedly located him and got him to pull over on the side of the road for a traffic stop.

The authorities apparently requested that the man produce his driver’s license and vehicle registration. However, the police say that he failed to do so. Instead, the officer who pulled the man over claims that the driver handed him a beer. The authorities further assert that the man wasn’t even aware of the fact that he struck a police car.

The man was arrested for DUI, reckless driving and six other misdemeanor charges. It was also reportedly his third arrest for driving under the influence. Nonetheless, he is fully entitled to a fair trial before an impartial judge. He is also guaranteed the legal presumption of innocence at all stages of the pending criminal proceedings. The burden of proof rests squarely with the prosecution, and each and every element of the crimes charged must be established by competent evidence in court before any criminal conviction is possible.

Individuals who have been charged with a DUI offense in Georgia may benefit from knowing that an arrest is far from an automatic conviction. Despite what many accused individuals believe, the accusations do not amount to an automatic jail sentence. Each case is unique and requires careful preparation and attention to detail in order to present relevant challenges to prosecution evidence and to fight for an outcome that is truly in the best interests of the client.

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