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Georgia teenager facing charges for minor consumption of alcohol

| May 21, 2014 | Underage Drinking |

In the small town of Social Circle, a Georgia teenager has been charged with minor consumption of alcohol and other various offenses. He was arrested after he drove a lawnmower into the side of a neighbor’s home and it was suspected that he was driving under the influence. Minor consumption of alcohol is illegal in all states, even in negligible amounts.

A neighbor reported to local law enforcement that there were two teenagers riding a lawnmower around the neighborhood. The neighbor also reported that the two young men appeared to be under the influence of alcohol because they demonstrated erratic behavior. The boys hit several objects with the lawnmower before one of them ran into the side of a neighboring home.

According to the responding law enforcement, the Georgia teenagers displayed behavior typical of alcohol consumption. One of them was purportedly slurring his speech and using obscene language. Police also stated that one of the teens was not cooperative as he was being arrested and attempted to fight. That same teenager was officially charged with obstructing a law enforcement officer, minor consumption of alcohol and disorderly conduct. If he is convicted of these charges, he could face various fines and penalties.

Because the boy is under the age of 18, it is likely that he will undergo this legal process in the juvenile system. If this is the case, he will have the chance to prepare his defense strategy geared toward the juvenile court system rather than adult system. It is possible that he could fight the minor consumption charge or, if he believes it a better choice, attempt to negotiate a plea deal with officials.

Source: Clayton News Daily, “Teen in Ga. charged after driving lawnmower while intoxicated“, Aimee Jones, May 13, 2014