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Georgia driver faces DUI charge after fatal crash

On Behalf of | May 23, 2014 | DUI |

A 20-year-old man from Athens stands accused of being responsible for the death of a pedestrian he allegedly struck with his car, according to local sources. Georgia authorities have detained the man, who is suspected of having been intoxicated at the time of the accident. The DUI charge will be overseen in a Georgia court in the near future.

According to the arrest record, the man was driving his vehicle on the Ga. 10 inner loop on the evening of May 11 when the accident occurred. Police say the man struck a 55-year-old woman in an intersection. The woman was seriously injured and was pronounced dead at the scene by arriving medical personnel.

The man was taken into custody at the same time. It is unclear from this report whether he was subjected to a roadside sobriety test, but he was transported to a local hospital and treated for injuries described as non life-threatening. He has been charged with vehicular homicide in the first degree and driving while under the influence of drugs. As of the news report concerning the tragedy, he was in custody without bond.

It will be necessary for Georgia prosecutors to prove a number of facts concerning this case if the DUI charge is to result in a conviction. Most notably, they will need to prove that due process was followed at the scene of the alleged crime, and that his rights were respected during any blood alcohol testing that may have occurred. A failure on the part of attending officers to observe the man’s rights could result in a judge overturning the charge or excluding specific items of evidence.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Driver charged in pedestrian’s death in Athens”, Angel K. Brooks, May 12, 2014