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Could driving with a hangover lead to a Georgia DUI arrest?

| May 9, 2014 | DUI |

Newly published research suggests that Georgia drivers who get behind the wheel with a hangover may be taking serious risks. Indeed, even if one is no longer drunk, a hangover could slow reaction times and inhibit driving in a way that catches the attention of a police officer. Conceivably, an individual who is impaired in this fashion could be arrested for DUI.

According to various doctors and even the California Highway Patrol, those who drink a great deal will be impaired drivers the next day, even if the alcohol has technically left their system. It is therefore recommended for anyone who spent the previous night drinking to try to refrain from driving until hangover symptoms have passed. Those who do not refrain from driving could face the threat of being arrested for DUI.

According to one doctor, hungover drivers have bad reaction times. In this sense, drivers are not only impaired on the night that they drink, but the effects could extend into the next morning. The doctor went on to comment that thought processes of hungover drivers are not as efficient as well, just like the average inebriated driver.

Even if blood alcohol levels are not above 0.08 percent, the risk of a guilty verdict is present any time that an individual is arrested and accused of a crime. Fortunately, those accused of DUI in Georgia will have the opportunity to assert legal defenses in court in order to improve the final outcome of their cases. While many individuals facing drunk driving charges are able to succeed at getting their charges dropped, others may choose a different defense strategy called plea bargaining, which often involves pleading guilty in exchange for a reduction in punishment.

Source: CBS Sacramento, “Study: Driving With Hangover Can Be As Dangerous As Driving While Intoxicated“, Tony Lopez, May 5, 2014