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Columbus mayor’s administrative assistant accused of DUI

| May 17, 2014 | DUI |

An administrative assistant for the mayor of Columbus has been arrested and accused of drunk driving. The drunk driving charge comes in the wake of a different employee of the mayor’s office being placed on leave after she allegedly asked for the campaign sign of the mayor’s political rival as a joke. In this most recent event, Georgia troopers stopped and arrested the administrative assistant for DUI at approximately 2 a.m. on a recent Saturday morning.

The mayor reports that she had a talk with the employee who was arrested for DUI and requested she take two days leave before coming back to the office. The mayor said it does not make a great deal of sense to have her employees in the office when their minds will be distracted by other matters. She said that both women have been with her for some time, and that they are all very close and both are good women.

Because the woman who was arrested on DUI charges is a government employee, she could be subjected to disciplinary action if convicted of the drunk driving charge. As such, she is not only in danger of criminal punishment, but she could face negative career consequences as well. As for what the mayor, herself, will do to discipline the alleged actions of her employee, she says that she has yet to decide on the matter.

After analyzing the facts and circumstances relating to a DUI arrest, the most effective legal defense strategies will be revealed. In some Georgia cases, for example, police evidence may not be suitably strong enough to warrant a conviction and the accused driver may be able to cast sufficient doubt on the allegations to have them thrown out and/or dismissed. In other cases, the accused may decide to make a plea bargain agreement with the prosecution in which he or she pleads guilty to the DUI charge in order to obtain a reduction in penalties.

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