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UWG ranked high for underage alcohol charges

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2014 | Underage Drinking |

A recent study ranked the University of West Georgia high among other schools for alcohol-related arrests. The study was published by a website specializing in the topic of drug rehabilitation centers. According to the results, UWG ranks tenth in the nation for alcohol arrests and 25th in the nation for drug arrests. Considering many college students are under the age of 21, it is likely that numerous arrests involve underage alcohol charges.

According to the police chief for UWG’s campus police department, the high arrest figures are not an indicator of a problem at the university. Rather, they reflect his force’s diligence with regard to enforcing alcohol laws. The police chief said in a statement that many universities ignore alcohol and drug activity, whereas his department prefers to deal with these issues at the source. In the third week of March alone, UWG police made four DUI arrests.

UWG has had a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol enforcement policy in place for approximately 20 years. According to the police chief, drug and alcohol crimes lead to other, more serious crimes. Fighting and vandalism are just some of the crimes police connect to drugs and alcohol, and this is why the university claims to be so diligent in enforcing such rules.

When a student is arrested on underage alcohol charges, he or she could face expulsion from school, community service, fines and possibly more severe punishments. Still, given the strict nature of many university enforcement policies, it is possible that a student will be arrested inappropriately for a minor consumption charge that he or she never committed. Those who face underage alcohol charges, however, will have the opportunity to defend themselves against the allegations in a Georgia court. If the defense is successfully navigated, they may be able to have their charges dismissed and permanently removed from their records.

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