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Georgia seminar seeks to prevent minor consumption of alcohol

| Apr 11, 2014 | Underage Drinking |

Teenage drinking is as much a problem in Georgia as it is in any other part of the world. However, one community event hosted by the Dawson County Family Connection is seeking to make a difference. The organization hopes to positively affect the problem of minor consumption of alcohol by putting on an event called “Teen Brain Explained.”

The event is completely free, and it will be held in Dawsonville at 7 p.m. on April 15 at the Dawson County High School Auditorium. In addition to valuable information, snacks will be served. Free childcare and the opportunity to win a door prize will also be part of the event.

A Vermont-based expert on fighting teenage substance abuse will be speaking. Among the different topics covered will be the protection of children from drugs and alcohol and the impulsive and often risky behavior of teens. Additionally, he will speak about the moods of teenagers and how parents can help to keep their children from getting into legal trouble and/or getting physically and psychologically harmed by underage alcohol consumption.

Minor consumption of alcohol is illegal in the state of Georgia. Teenagers who are arrested and charged with underage drinking, however, will be able to pursue legal defenses in court to try to get their charges dropped or dismissed. If successfully navigated, a Georgia teenager can significantly better his or her legal situation under the law. Indeed, not all arrests for underage drinking are made appropriately, and in some instances, teens are completely innocent of the charges. Fortunately, the court system will also view anyone accused of a crime as innocent until — and only if — that person is found guilty of the crime beyond reasonable doubt during criminal proceedings.

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