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Georgia man reportedly flees courtroom after DUI conviction

| Apr 19, 2014 | DUI |

It appears that a Georgia man has made his DUI conviction exponentially worse. Authorities allege that he appeared drunk in court for his DUI sentencing. The police claim that, after the man was sentenced, he escaped from the courtroom and led officers on a chase.

The 44-year-old man had just been sentenced to serve a 63-day jail term. His sentencing came after he allegedly failed to pay over $2,000 in fines relating to a prior DUI conviction. Witnesses claim that the man was aggressive and argumentative in the courtroom during his sentencing hearing.

After he fled from the courtroom in his vehicle, police pursued the man and eventually Tasered him into submission. He was transported to the hospital after being apprehended. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and there were not any car accidents resulting from the chase. However, the police allege that the man drove at a police officer during their pursuit of him. He may now be charged with aggravated assault.

The unfortunate ending to this man’s DUI case highlights the importance of adhering to and obeying court decisions. Some Georgia residents who are ordered to pay a fine relating to a DUI conviction may advance their cause by documenting for the court that they are not able to make the payments ordered. At the end of the day, though, it is vital to obey and respect any decision or ruling of a Georgia court in order to avoid severe consequences later on down the road. Indeed, this man’s alleged behavior has resulted in his situation becoming worse than it would have been otherwise. As the new charges are presented in court, one avenue possibly worth exploring is to determine whether the man suffers from alcoholism and is willing to get help.

Source: upi.com, “James Earl Johnson flees DUI sentencing and leads police on chase while intoxicated“, Evan Bleier, April 10, 2014