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26 drivers arrested in Ashburn after Easter DUI campaign

| Apr 26, 2014 | DUI |

A campaign of DUI road checks was conducted in Ashburn over the Easter holiday weekend. The police department in Ashburn, along with the assistance of Georgia State Troopers and the Turner County Sherriff’s Department, made multiple DUI arrests during the road checks. A total of 26 people were arrested, most of whom were not actually Ashburn residents.

Nine drunk driving charges were issued among those 26 arrests. According to the local police chief, when police take an allegedly drunk driver into custody, they are seeking to keep those using our roadways — in addition to that particular person — safe and out of harm’s way. The police chief expressed his concern that individuals forget that the arrests are made for safety purposes.

In addition to the drunk driving violations, officers claim to have seized various firearms from some of the individuals they pulled over. Only four out of the 25 people who were arrested were residents of Ashburn. The rest came from Columbus and Savannah.

Police in Georgia do their best to keep the roadways safe, particularly during holiday periods. During these times of heightened traffic patrols, it is not uncommon for authorities to arrest numerous people on DUI charges and issue all kinds of traffic violations. However, just because an individual is arrested for drunk driving does not mean that the person is actually guilty — nor does it mean he or she will be found guilty in a court of law. Drivers who face DUI allegations in court will have the ability to challenge the evidence that prosecutors seek to introduce. In those circumstances where a reasonable doubt exists concerning the validity of the charges, no conviction may be obtained.

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