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Will a DUI cause points on a license and insurance rate hikes?

| Mar 14, 2014 | DUI |

Most states have a point system with regard to traffic infractions and the state of Georgia is no different. A DUI conviction, however, is different. Points will not be assessed for DUI alone, yet points could be assessed if the individual is also convicted of other traffic offenses in connection with drunk driving — such as speeding, failing to stop at a stop sign or reckless driving, for example. Nevertheless, even though a drunk driving conviction will not trigger points, it will trigger other criminal punishments and insurance rate hikes.

Fines, penalties, and license suspensions can arise from racking up driving infraction points and from being convicted of DUI. Another negative consequence includes a hike in insurance premiums. Insurance companies typically have their own unique way of assessing a traffic infraction and deciding how much to raise one’s rates after a conviction. Insurance companies use a point system too, but it is independent from that used by a state DMV.

For a serious conviction relating to drunk driving, the insurance consequences can be severe. According to one analysis, average premium rate increases for a drunk driving conviction will trigger a 19 percent rise in insurance costs. In some situations, though, depending on the nature of the conviction — an individual can complete a safe driver course in order to lower the insurance cost increase.

Another way to limit insurance consequences and punishments is to defend oneself against a Georgia DUI charge in court. Numerous legal defense strategies are available to those accused of drunk driving in Georgia. When a DUI defense is successfully navigated, individuals can improve the results of their cases dramatically. In the best of outcomes, they can get all of the charges dropped completely.

Source: Fox Business, 10 Things You Need to Know About Driver’s License Points, Michelle Megna, March 6, 2014