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Georgia man arrested on 2 counts of DUI manslaughter

| Mar 27, 2014 | DUI |

Traffic tickets and other kinds of motor vehicle violations are an area of the law where otherwise law-abiding citizens can easily find themselves in trouble. A very simple mistake can lead to death or serious injury on Georgia roadways. Even worse, if the driver who is faulted for the crash also had a small amount of drugs or alcohol in his or her system at the time of the event, the driver could be in danger of a DUI manslaughter conviction, which could mean jail time. If that driver has a criminal record of prior DUI convictions, then he could face even more challenges in court.

Currently, a 30-year-old Georgia driver, who was involved in a fatal car accident is facing such a situation in court. State police charged the man with two counts of vehicular manslaughter and DUI relating to drugs. The allegations stem from a fatal Interstate 20 car accident he was involved in last November, which resulted in the death of two and injured four. The man is currently being held at the Detention Center in Newton County with no opportunity for bond.

To make matters worse for the accused driver in this case, he has apparently been arrested on numerous occasions in the past. Only three days before the November incident, for example, police arrested him and charged him with controlled substance possession and public intoxication. He has also faced other public intoxication arrests and was arrested on DUI charges in 2005. Further, the man has been arrested for a parole violation, disorderly conduct and other charges in the past.

Considering the man’s past and the latest charges of DUI manslaughter, it is unknown if the courts will allow him to be released on bond while the criminal proceedings are pending. However, this does not mean he cannot significantly improve his situation and potentially decrease the severity of potential punishments during his criminal court proceedings. Indeed, a criminal case is never cut and dry, no matter what the factual circumstances appear to be. The prosecution will be required to prove their accusations beyond a reasonable doubt, and just because the accused has a criminal past does not necessarily mean that he will be found guilty of the instant allegations.

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