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Georgia authorities arrest 134 at a single DUI checkpoint

| Mar 23, 2014 | DUI |

Middle Georgia sheriff’s officials claim that they arrested a total of 134 people over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. The arrests were made at one DUI checkpoint at an Interstate 16 exit. In addition, police issued 297 citations.

The DUI checkpoint strategy was codenamed Operation Wrong Exit. Over 12 different law enforcement agencies participated in the crackdown, which involved warning drivers that a DUI checkpoint was ahead. Apparently, lighted signs caused certain drivers to leave the Interstate at the next exit, where officers surprised them with an unexpected checkpoint.

According to the sheriff of Twiggs County, some of the arrested individuals had been caught in the same checkpoint trap last year. Approximately 20 of the arrests were people who had outstanding warrants. Allegedly, police also seized 7 pounds of pot.

Law enforcement officials in Georgia are becoming exceedingly strategic in the way they identify and capture allegedly drunk drivers. Nevertheless, just because an individual is arrested in a St. Patrick’s Day DUI checkpoint, does not mean that he or she has been correctly charged or that they are guilty. Indeed, police officers are human and make mistakes — and Georgia courts are fully aware of this possibility.

Anyone accused of DUI in Georgia will remain innocent of the crime until — and only if — proven otherwise in a proper court of law. During the criminal defense process, the accused will have the chance to challenge the prosecution’s version of the facts. In the best possible outcome, the accused may be able to get the charges dropped or achieve a verdict of not guilty.

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