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Man accused of DUI and fleeing an officer in Georgia

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2014 | DUI |

Law enforcement authorities are currently looking into a police car chase in Georgia that resulted in the assailant smashing his vehicle into a tree. The incident occurred on a recent Wednesday afternoon after a sheriff’s deputy tried to pull the man over in a routine traffic stop. However, rather than stopping, the man reportedly attempted to flee. Police later arrested him on DUI and multiple traffic violations.

Ultimately, the man crashed his vehicle for unknown reasons, which brought the chase to an end. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the accident. However, the fleeing driver needed to be removed by firefighters from his truck, and he reportedly suffered a non-serious wrist injury.

According to deputies, they suspected that the man was inebriated by alcohol or on drugs. Officers requested that the man complete a drug or DUI test, but he refused. As a result of his refusal, police arrested him and booked him at the detention center in Forsyth County.

The charges against this man are serious, particularly with regard to DUI and the allegations that he tried to outrun a police officer. Still, he must first be convicted of these crimes in a Georgia court of law before he faces punishment. Interestingly, convicting someone accused of a crime (or proving their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt) is more difficult for prosecutors to achieve than one might think. This is where a well crafted criminal defense may help those accused of crimes to get certain or all of their charges dropped or potential punishments reduced.

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