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Troopers warn holiday drivers against risks of DUI first offense

| Dec 29, 2013 | DUI First Offense |

DUI laws are strict in the state of Georgia, and the cost of being accused and arrested of such a crime is severe. Especially during the holiday season, the sheriff’s office and other police agencies are out in full force to patrol the streets and identify any individuals who may be driving under the influence. It is during this time of year when Georgia drivers must be on high alert and drive carefully while obeying all traffic laws, in order to avoid a DUI first offense arrest.

Representatives for the Georgia State Police have issued warnings to drivers, saying that deputies will be out on patrol, and that they will maintain a zero tolerance policy toward people they suspect may have been drinking heavily prior to operating a vehicle. In fact, state police have named their holiday patrol as Operation Zero Tolerance. The campaign will continue all the way through New Year’s Eve.

Potential punishments faced by those accused and convicted of drunk driving include losing one’s driving privileges and being forced to pay a higher insurance premium. Some could even be forced to serve time in jail. Troopers also warned drivers that, from 2007 to 2011, 4,169 people died in car accidents across the United States that included a driver with a blood alcohol content exceeding 0.08 percent.

It is largely because of these high death statistics that state police in Georgia take DUI charges so seriously. However, just because one is arrested and accused of DUI first offense is not an indicator of guilt. An examination of the facts relating to a particular DUI charge will often reveal that the arrest was not appropriately made. In such instances, the accused may be able to successfully defend himself or herself against such inappropriate allegations. That said, over the holiday season, there is no substitute for safe driving practices and avoiding alcohol consumption prior to taking a drive.

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