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Talking to children about underage alcohol charges in Georgia

| Dec 19, 2013 | Underage Drinking |

Talking about underage drinking with one’s children is not an easy task to conquer. However, parents who do broach this subject with their children can achieve a lot in the direction of preventing their sons and daughters from ever facing underage alcohol charges. Indeed, children should also be warned that if they are in the vicinity of friends who are drinking underage, they are also in danger of getting arrested — even if they are not themselves drinking alcohol.

These days, it seems that underage drinking is happening with a greater amount of frequency in Georgia. High school kids and underage college students are attending parties where alcohol is present. As a result, more children and young adults are finding themselves in trouble with the law in relation to alcohol.

In the state of Georgia, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is working with the school system to provide teen-focused programs aimed at beginning the conversation about drunk driving and underage alcohol. So far, MADD has assisted families to understand how important these conversations are. Not only can they help prevent drunk driving, but they can also foster a better relationship between friends, parents and kids.

While parents and families try their best to educate children about drinking and the threat of underage alcohol charges, there is only so much that one can do. Many teens and young adults will still find themselves in trouble with the law and/or facing underage alcohol charges. Fortunately, legal options are available to help these children, and they cannot be convicted of crimes unless they are proven to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Proving guilt in an underage alcohol case, however, may be more difficult than it appears, and it is not uncommon for such charges to be dropped and/or dismissed prior to a court hearing taking place.

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