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Georgia school bus driver accused of DUI

| Dec 6, 2013 | DUI |

Police in Georgia are always patrolling the streets, keeping an eye out for individuals who may be violating state laws while operating a motor vehicle. Speeding, failure to obey a traffic device, or DUI are just some of the offenses that they pull people over for. Any Georgia resident who has been stopped by an officer understands how stressful the experience can be, especially if an arrest and accusation of drunk driving results from the traffic stop.

Especially with a DUI accusation, the consequences can be particularly severe, both legally and career wise. For example, a school bus driver for Glascock County was recently arrested on DUI allegations, and the arrest resulted in her suspension from work. According to police, the woman transports one child to an elementary school as a part of her school bus driver duties.

The woman was arrested on Nov. 1, after her school bus was pulled over by police. No children were on board the bus at the time of the arrest. According to officers, the bus allegedly swerved around on the road close to the school. The woman was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and taken to the McDuffie County Jail. Later that day, she was released on a bond of $1,050.

Swerving around on a road close to an elementary school while driving a school bus could sound particularly incriminating. However, it is important to remember in every DUI case that the evidence — including the testimony of the accused — may show an alternative view of the facts. For example, in this case, the woman informed officers that she had just taken some medication which had been prescribed to her prior to the arrest. Some medications have powerful and unpredictable effects on people. Considering this woman’s claim, the court may choose to dismiss her case or the prosecution may agree to reduce or drop the charges against her, — especially if her prior record is clean and her physician or a medical expert can back up her version of the facts.

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