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Georgia DUI: Could breathalyzer machines be installed in cars?

| Dec 21, 2013 | DUI |

The Transportation Secretary for the United States recently released a statement saying he wants states to be stricter with first-time DUI offenders. Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published guidelines on how states can make use of ignition interruption devices installed in motor vehicles. Two Georgia legislators are now advocating that these ignition interruption devices be employed in our state to help prevent further DUI arrests from happening.

The legislators have proposed new legislation that would require the devices. As a result, the lawmakers have been praised by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). In fact, the anti-DUI group is now referring to the politicians as champions of legislation.

MADD has been a longtime advocate of various measures to limit the chance that someone will get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while inebriated. The group says that, during the holiday season, it is important for drivers to plan in advance how they are going to get home at the end of the evening. Indeed, calling a taxi, sleeping over at a friend’s house or having a sober friend drive one home are preferable to driving while intoxicated — and safer.

Still, even the most careful and completely sober drivers in Georgia can find themselves pulled over and accused of DUI. This is why it is important for anyone accused of DUI to remember that just because one is arrested on DUI allegations does not mean that one is guilty of the charges. By successfully presenting a focused criminal defense, those facing DUI charges may be able to get them dropped and/or significantly lesson the threat of stiff punishments in their cases.

Source: Fox News Atlanta, GA legislators push for vehicle breath analyzers in DUI cases, Tacoma Perry, Dec. 18, 2013