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Georgia city councilman prepares DUI defense after 3rd arrest

| Dec 27, 2013 | DUI |

A city councilman for Milledgeville has contested police allegations that he was driving drunk on Monday, Dec. 23. Georgia State police allege that the politician failed to maintain his lane, was driving on an expired tag and had violated state open container laws. In spite of the accusations, the politician appears to have a firm description of what took place for his DUI defense. Thus far, he has maintained his innocence and even says that he had not been drinking from the “open container” which was a sample-sized bottle of liquor that police discovered inside the console of the vehicle he was driving.

This DUI charge represents the third time that the city councilman has faced drunk driving allegations. In this latest incident, troopers pulled the man over because he was allegedly failing to maintain his lane. He then refused to submit to a Breathalyzer test, and police decided to apprehend him on DUI charges.

The councilman has explained that his failure to maintain his lane occurred because he was distracted while reaching for a cigarette. He made further statements, saying that he refused to submit to a Breathalyzer test because his lawyer advised him to do so on grounds that Breathalyzer tests are often inaccurate. The councilman even offered up an alibi of sorts, saying that he had completed an interview at a radio station not five minutes before his arrest, and that the station employees could confirm that he had not been drinking at the radio station.

The difficulties that this Georgia councilman is facing, both on a legal and professional front, are extensive. Not only must he work to create a sound DUI defense in his court proceedings to avoid stiff punishments, the city council has requested his resignation. As such, the outcome of his case will likely determine whether he gets to keep his job and the extent of his potential punishments under the law, if he should be convicted of the allegations. For this reason, his DUI defense must be strong to avoid the threat of punishment and other career-related consequences.

Source: 13wmaz.com, Former Milledgeville councilman denies new DUI charge, Rachel Smith, Dec. 24, 2013