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Stay safe over the holidays in Georgia; Avoid a DUI first offense

| Nov 30, 2013 | DUI First Offense |

Now that the 2013 holiday season has officially begun with Thanksgiving, Georgia residents are reminded to drive safely and take care to follow all traffic laws while driving on the roads. Indeed, several easy tips can be followed in order to avoid being arrested for a DUI first offense and/or being involved in a dangerous car accident. By following these tips, Georgia residents can focus on having fun, staying safe and enjoying their families.

The holiday season can be exceedingly distracting, but Georgia drivers cannot allow the distracting influence of the holidays to cause them to ignore traffic rules. Just last year alone, there were over 1,100 car crashes in which alcohol allegedly played a factor during the holidays. Also, between the dates of Nov. 20 and Jan. 1, last year, a total of 53 people died in traffic accidents.

According to the Department of Public Safety, there is one extremely important thing that drivers and vehicle passengers can do to ensure their safety. That one thing is to wear their safety belts. In fact, statistics point to the reality that half of all motor vehicle accident fatalities that occur in the United States were due to the victim not wearing his or her seatbelt.

The other important thing that drivers can do is to not drink and drive. When going out with a group, designate a sober person who can drive everyone home. When going out alone, call a taxi to get home safely. Also, strive to drive at a slower speed and put down cell phones.

During this holiday season, Georgia police officers will also be out in full force looking for people who may be driving under the influence. For this reason, DUI first offense arrests will increase over the holidays. Anyone who is pulled over and taken into custody for DUI can seek various legal protections and defend themselves against the accusations in court. By employing different legal defense strategies, people accused of DUI are often able to improve their legal situation exponentially as their case proceeds through the criminal justice system.

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