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Georgia woman arrested, charged with DUI and other crimes

| Nov 28, 2013 | DUI |

A 21-year-old Georgia woman was recently arrested by deputies from the Rockdale County Sheriff’s office. Allegedly, the woman tried to give the deputies two different drivers licenses, one of which they say was stolen. Allegedly, she also provided deputies with three different names when they asked her to identify herself. Ultimately, deputies arrested the woman and charged her with DUI, the possession of drugs and numerous other crimes.

The woman was first approached by law enforcement officers after the clerk at a gas station reported that she was in his store attempting to get customers to purchase alcohol for her. According to the clerk, the woman eventually tried to buy beer. He asked her birth year, and she reportedly said 1992, but when she produced a driver’s license, the birth year listed was 1990.

When the clerk refused to let her purchase alcohol, the woman purportedly became angry and left the store. This is when the clerk contacted 911. The officers claim that when they arrived on scene, the woman had the smell of alcohol on her breath. After apparently failing field sobriety tests, officers arrested her. Other charges faced by the women include forgery, driving without a license, providing a false name and address and other violations.

Numerous different Georgia state laws will come into play with the extensive charges faced by this woman; therefore, the defense of her case will require an in-depth understanding of all the different laws and local procedures, as well as the potential punishments should a conviction actually be obtained. It may not be possible for her to completely eradicate the threat of her having to serve jail time in a Georgia prison. Nevertheless, she has every right to defend herself against the DUI accusations and additional charges in order to seek a favorable result.

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