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Georgia man accused of DUI and public indecency

| Nov 23, 2013 | DUI |

On Sunday, Nov. 17, a Georgia man was arrested on charges of indecent exposure when police allegedly caught him in public wearing nothing but high heels and a turban. At the time that police confronted the 28-year-old Georgia man, police claim that he had been hiding behind a tree trying to put on a pair of pink women’s underwear. Police allege that the man tried to run away from them, but he was later apprehended and arrested. Only several days before this incident, the same man had been pulled over by police for an alleged DUI violation, but he successfully ran away and escaped arrest at that time.

Police claim that while the man was fleeing arrest during the alleged indecent exposure incident, he dropped a bag which contained marijuana and cocaine. During the man’s previous incident, when police failed to arrest him for DUI before he allegedly ran away, investigators claim that they discovered marijuana and cocaine inside the man’s vehicle. As of Nov. 21, he was being held in jail on bail of $12,640.

Between each of the incidents, the man has been charged with a wide variety of crimes. Charges include obstructing the actions of a law enforcement officer, public indecency and DUI. He has also been charged with drug possession and other crimes.

Whenever a Georgia resident is charged with a particularly unusual crime, the story is likely to be featured in news articles across the state. However, the underlying facts behind an arrest may not be completely apparent at the time of a media story reporting the events. For this reason, it is necessary to analyze all witness accounts and all the individual facts pertaining to a case during criminal defense proceedings.

Sometimes, a new witness can be found who saw the event occur and describes it in a way that is far more favorable. This can dramatically improve the situation of Georgia residents accused of crimes. In the best of outcomes, it could result in getting all of his or her DUI and other charges dropped. However, different kinds of favorable legal outcomes may also be achieved, such as a reduction in punishments and avoiding jail time.

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