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Half a dozen charged with DUI in Georgia

| Oct 5, 2013 | DUI |

On Friday, Sept. 27, law enforcement officers patrolling Highway 82 arrested a total of six people on charges of DUI. Multiple law enforcement agencies participated in creating checkpoints in Sylvester and Poulan to look for people they could accuse of driving with suspended licenses, speeding, DUI and other motor vehicle violation. In total, police arrested 13 individuals, six of which they charged with Georgia DUI.

According to the Police Chief of Poulan, Texas, a lot of the DUI charges were brought against individuals who were allegedly using drugs instead of alcohol. In addition to the DUI arrests, police identified over 30 child seats, which were not safely fastened and/or out of compliance in some other fashion. Sixty or more speeding tickets were also given.

Numerous law enforcement agencies participated in Friday night’s crackdown. The agencies included, Warwick Police Department, Georgia State Police, Dougherty County Police, Worth County Deputies, Albany Police Department, and a lot more. Having made so many arrests in one night, it is quite possible that with highly specific and strategic legal defense some of these DUI accusations may be dismissed completely.

DUI cases in Georgia tend to involve many different kinds of factors as evidence. In some scenarios, it may be the first time that the accused has had to face DUI allegations. In such cases, especially when combined with a well-planned defense, courts may be more lenient to a potential first-time offender. However, leniency may not even be a factor if it is possible to get the charges dropped completely.

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