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Georgia woman charged with child endangerment and DUI

| Oct 18, 2013 | DUI |

No Georgia resident ever expects to be arrested and accused of drunk driving. Nevertheless, DUI charges and arrests are made every single day in the state of Georgia. Those who have been accused will have the opportunity to defend themselves in court. With a successful defense, these individuals may be able to get their charges dropped and/or obtain a reduction in punishments received.

Recently, a Georgia woman pulled over by police while she was driving with three children riding in the back of her sport utility vehicle. The woman, who is from Cherokee County, was stopped by officers at approximately 11 a.m. on Oct. 12. Police allege that she was driving in an erratic fashion, which was the reason they cited for pulling her over.

After pulling the woman over, officers allegedly discovered that the woman had a bottle of vodka in her vehicle. Police claim that the bottle of vodka was open at the time of the arrest. The woman was booked and charged with child endangerment in addition to DUI.

DUI charges in the state of Georgia are not to be taken lightly. Combined with the charge of child endangerment, this woman could face particularly harsh penalties if she is convicted of the crimes. However, the prosecution must first prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the woman is guilty. A well-planned legal defense could serve to help this woman get certain charges dropped and/or obtain a reduction in punishments. It is not unheard of for a person found guilty of DUI to be forced to serve jail time; therefore, her defense strategy will likely involve working tirelessly to ensure that she stays out of jail and achieves the best possible outcome in her criminal case.

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