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69-year-old Georgia man arrested for possible DUI first offense

| Sep 11, 2013 | DUI First Offense |

Many people in the state of Georgia have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or another kind of controlled substance. In some cases, police may charge a Georgia resident with DUI first offense appropriately. However, DUI allegations do not always withstand the test of the court. In such cases, when police inappropriately accuse an individual of DUI, a well-thought out criminal defense can help to get the charges dropped.

On Sept. 10, a 69-year-old man from Danielsville, Georgia was arrested and accused of DUI. The arrest took place after a 39-year-old woman accused the man of trying to push her car into the middle of an intersection with the front of his car. The woman alleges that she was waiting at a traffic light when the man became angry and tried to push her from behind. It is not known if the allegations are DUI first offense or if the man has ever faced a prior accusation.

In addition to DUI, police have charged the senior citizen with reckless driving, following too close, hit and run, and aggressive driving. Police allegedly discovered a pill bottle that was empty inside the man’s car. Police also claim that the man refused to give a urine sample.

Defending allegations of DUI in the state of Georgia is not a task that can ever be taken lightly. Whether the accusations be DUI first offense or if there was a prior conviction of DUI, the punishments associated with such a conviction can be steep. For this reason, a careful examination of all the facts involved and a thorough legal analysis will be necessary before formulating a strategic criminal defense.

Source: OnlineAthens.com, Danielsville man charged in road rage incident in Hull, Wayne Ford, Sept. 10, 2013