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32-year-old Georgia man accused of DUI, drug crimes

| Sep 13, 2013 | DUI |

DUI accusations do not always stand alone. In many cases, a Georgia resident will be charged with DUI in addition to other crimes, such as drug possession, speeding, or driving with a suspended license. Because one criminal charge often includes multiple charges relating to other kinds of alleged criminal activity, a DUI legal defense must include a multi-pronged approach that accounts for the nuances of the different kinds of laws involved.

Recently, a man suspected of DUI allegedly fled the scene of a car accident. Deputies allegedly chased the man and shot him with an electric stun gun. Police have now accused the man of being in possession of almost two pounds of marijuana. Police further allege that they found him in possession of over $8,000 in cash.

The 32-year-old man was arrested by police in Oconee County, Georgia. He has been charged with drug possession, intent to sell drugs, DUI, disobeying a traffic signal, fleeing the scene of a car accident, and driving with a suspended license. Each of these charges involve different Georgia state laws and each charge comes with the potential of different kinds of punishments some more serious than others.

It must be stressed, however, that the Georgia man accused of DUI in this case will remain innocent of each and every crime that he has been accused of until and only if he is actually found guilty by a jury of his peers. News media are often quick to judge the accused. However, people facing charges, no matter how serious, will always have the ability to defend themselves. In the best of cases, the accused can have all of his or her charges dropped and walk free and innocent of the crimes. At the very least, plea bargains can be reached, certain more serious charges can be dropped, and reduced sentences can be achieved.

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