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Georgia politician arrested for DUI for second time in one year

| Aug 2, 2013 | DUI |

Being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or DUI can have devastating effects, not only with regard to one’s ability to drive, but also with regard to one’s career and family life. It does not even matter if one has been convicted of DUI in a court of law. Simply being accused of the crime can affect virtually every aspect of one’s life.

Politicians and community leaders, whose livelihoods depend on their clean reputations, are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of DUI allegations. For example, Representative Chuck Sims was arrested on July 19 and accused of DUI. The details of the arrest have now been featured all over the news. He was arrested at 1:45 a.m. in Douglas, Georgia. The officer who pulled the politician over claims that Sims had stopped approximately 30 yards in front of a traffic signal, even though the light had been green, which prompted him to complete a traffic stop.

Even more damaging for the politician’s reputation is the fact that this is not his first accusation of DUI. He was arrested and charged with DUI earlier this year, on April 2. As a result, the man has been featured in the news more regarding DUI allegations.

The fact that the Georgia politician has been pulled over, arrested and accused of DUI two times in one year is not a fact that will help him to defend his case. However, no matter how dire the circumstances appear, many DUI allegations are completely unfounded and inappropriate under the law. Some DUI allegations can get thrown out or dismissed completely. In other cases, certain legal defense strategies can be employed to reduce punishments and/or dramatically improve the outcome of the case for the accused.

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