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Man arrested for driver’s license suspension and drug charges

| Jul 7, 2013 | License Suspension |

On June 27, a Georgia man was arrested after being stopped by police for a routine safety checkpoint. When police decided the man was allegedly driving his car with a driver’s license suspension, the man was arrested on the spot. Officers then searched the man’s clothing to find a bag that they suspect contained methamphetamine.

Further inspection of the man’s clothing revealed what officers suspect was more methamphetamine along with some empty bags — of the type police say are often used to for illegal drugs. Police also found digital scales in the car, along with text messages inside the man’s phone, which police believed involved the sale of illegal drugs. Whether any of these allegations, including the allegation that the individual had a suspended license, remain to be seen.

Police conducted a field test later to reveal that one of the bags of suspected methamphetamine was not the substance. The 28-year-old man told police that the substance was actually Epson salt, which he purportedly had planned to sell as if it were methamphetamine. Later, during their drive to Troup County Jail, the man reportedly told police he was having trouble breathing because he had previously swallowed some methamphetamine and injected himself with the substance, just before the police had reached him.

This man, who was arrested for operating a vehicle while having a driver’s license suspension, may have answered a number of police questions and admitted to his alleged use and possession of methamphetamine. Nevertheless, he can still benefit from a solid legal defense strategy, as others facing DUI charges often do. No matter what the situation, many technicalities of Georgia law can lead to the best result attainable under the circumstances. In certain cases, sentences may be reduced, and in other cases, the charges may be dismissed altogether.

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