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Georgia woman arrested for driver’s license suspension and more

| Jul 24, 2013 | License Suspension |

There are many different crimes that Georgia residents can be accused of, yet driving related crimes tend to be the most common. Some driving-related crimes can be simple misdemeanors such as speeding tickets or disobeying a traffic signal. Others, such as driving under the influence, are more serious and come with harsher punishments, including driver’s license suspension. Georgia residents must adhere to such punishments. The consequences of continuing to drive after a driver’s license suspension can lead to arrest and other more serious punishments.

Earlier this month, on July 11, a Georgia deputy pulled over a pick-up truck, which he saw weaving in the road. The 29-year-old woman who was driving the vehicle told the officer that she had received a driver’s license suspension; therefore, she was not legally allowed to operate the vehicle. The officer arrested her and placed her inside his police car.

The officer then proceeded to search the woman’s vehicle because he claims he had reason to believe that the woman was a drug user, and a K9 unit was brought in to help with the search. Inside the car, police say they discovered a Colazapam pill, methamphetamine and weighing scales. They also found two men inside the truck, and one of them had a bag that purportedly contained methamphetamine. In addition to allegations of operating a vehicle with a driver’s license suspension, the woman has been charged with drug crimes. The man who authorities say had the bag of meth was also charged with drug crimes.

Routine traffic stops for alleged road violations, including operating a vehicle with a driver’s license suspension, can often lead to other more serious accusations. Fortunately, legal defense strategies exist to help those who have been accused of such crimes. It important to remember that Georgia residents accused of any kind of crime will always remain innocent in the eyes of the law until — and only if –proven guilty by a strict measure of proof.

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