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Georgia man accused of DUI in accident that killed his daughter

| Jul 20, 2013 | DUI |

DUI charges are accusations that could result in steep punishments. When accusations of vehicular homicide are also brought against a Georgia resident in connection to DUI charges, the possibility of jail time exists. Car accidents happen and when they result in death, law enforcement officials will put the blame on whoever they believe is at fault, sometimes bringing criminal charges against that person based on their interpretations of the facts. That said, just because law enforcement has seen the facts of an accident in a certain way do not mean that the courts will convict the accused.

Last year, a man from DeKalb, Georgia was involved in a car accident that killed his 15-year-old daughter and resulted in traumatic brain injury to his 11-year-old daughter. Prosecutors have since alleged that the man was drinking and driving at the time of the accident. Prosecutors further allege that the man has two previous DUI arrests on his record.

The father of two is now being charged with first-degree homicide by vehicle, DUI, causing serious injuries by automobile and endangering the lives of children while driving a vehicle under the influence. It is important to note that these charges are nothing more than allegations at this point. The man is completely innocent until proved guilty of these charges by a court of law.

Georgia courts attempt to evaluate all of the facts at hand in every DUI case and they listen to both sides of the case, evaluating the situation as presented by prosecuting and defense attorneys. An effective legal defense can achieve a lot in DUI cases that involve accusations of vehicular homicide. In the best of outcomes, the accused can achieve a not guilty verdict on all counts. In other cases, the accused may be able to have sentences reduced, certain accusations dropped, or improve his or her legal situation through plea bargaining and other defense tactics.

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