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Woman charged after deadly auto accident; DUI first offense?

| Jun 26, 2013 | DUI First Offense |

According to police, a 57-year-old man was walking across Highway 84 East when a car hit him, causing fatal injuries. Immediately after the accident, which happened last October, the 47-year-old woman whose vehicle struck the man fled the scene. However, she came back 20 minutes later and was arrested for unspecified drunk driving allegations that may have included DUI first offense.

Police charged the woman with DUI, two counts of homicide by automobile, leaving an accident scene, lack of insurance and failure to respect a pedestrian. It is not known whether or not she was being accused of DUI first offense, or if there was anything from her past on her record, but the charges were indeed serious. On June 19, she was found guilty and received a five-year prison sentence. Three of those years she will serve in Georgia state prison.

However, the woman was not convicted of all the charges listed above. According her defense attorney, she was not convicted of the two counts of homicide by vehicle, failure to give proper respect to a pedestrian, and lack of insurance. Instead she was convicted of DUI and fleeing the accident scene.

No matter how serious the criminal charges faced, be it DUI first offense or homicide, those facing charges in Georgia and elsewhere are deemed innocent until — and only if –proven guilty by a court of law. Often, an accused person may face a number of criminal charges. However, through an effective legal defense strategy, some or even all of the charges may be dismissed or reduced. Alternatively, punishments or jail time may be lessened, and — in the best of circumstances — the charges may be dropped entirely or the accused otherwise found not guilty.

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