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Georgia woman charged with DUI, 6 children in car

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2013 | DUI |

Drunk driving is an extremely dangerous occurrence, in Georgia or elsewhere. Alcohol impairs judgment and slows reaction times. On top of putting one’s self in danger, drunk driving endangers other drivers and pedestrians, as well as passengers in the driver’s own car. A woman from Gwinnett County was arrested and charged with DUI and child endangerment because she was allegedly driving drunk and had six child passengers. Investigations are currently underway into the validity of the charges and the details of the case.

The mother had taken the children skating at a local skating rink and was apparently spotted hitting curbs when she attempted to leave the parking lot. A Gwinnett County sheriff’s deputy had asked two women who the officer believed were intoxicated to leave the premises. Shortly thereafter, a customer apparently told the officer about one of the two women bumping curbs in her car as she left the premises. The officer reported that he followed the vehicle and pulled it over after observing it swerve multiple times. There is no report of whether a Breathalyzer, blood test or even field sobriety testing was made to provide verification that the women was actually driving drunk.

The woman is said to have admitted to having two drinks. If that is the case, she may have been under the legal limit for Georgia. Since alcohol is not sold at the skating rink, it is unclear where the woman even got alcohol, and there were no reports of any containers — open or otherwise — in her vehicle. She is currently out on a signature bond until her court date.

It is certainly not unheard of that mothers or fathers with multiple children in a car might have temporary difficulties driving. Children require constant attention, and it is sometimes difficult to multi-task and drive with so many distractions. Without report of any actual testing for alcohol in her system, the charges the woman faces may be hard to prove. If found guilty, the woman could face fines, penalties and child custody issues. Considering the consequences a conviction may bring, every effort will be necessary to ensure a fair and unbiased DUI proceeding.

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