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Atlanta councilwoman refuses breath test, says she was not drunk

On Behalf of | May 15, 2013 | License Suspension |

An Atlanta City councilwoman who was arrested last week for allegedly driving drunk has reported that she will not let the arrest affect her ability and desire “to work hard for the citizens.” Cleta Winslow has held her council position since 1993. She told reporters after her arrest that she will not let the arrest get in her way of running for re-election.

A DUI arrest in Georgia may certainly result in legal consequences, but it can also have a negative impact on one’s professional life. Already folks have speculated whether the long-time councilwoman will resign because of her recent run-in with the law; however, Winslow appears to be confident that she will not be convicted of drunk driving. She has consulted an attorney to protect her rights, and her attorney has denied any allegations that the councilwoman was impaired when she was arrested last week.

According to reports, Winslow was arrested by Atlanta police on May 7. She was pulled over after police noticed that the councilwoman was driving on the wrong side of the road and had run a red light. Police suspected that Winslow was operating her vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. She was asked to take field sobriety tests and a breath test. However, the councilwoman chose to refuse the tests.

Because Winslow refused to take a breath test, she could be at risk of having her driver’s license suspended for an entire year. She may be able to keep her license on restricted terms, though, as long as she applies for an administrative hearing within 10 days of her arrest.

Winslow did admit to drinking two martinis prior to driving, but she claims that the two drinks were not enough to cause her to be impaired while she was behind the wheel.

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