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Student charged with felony DUI after breaking pedestrian’s foot

| Feb 11, 2013 | DUI First Offense |

Drunk driving is a serious offense that is not to be taken lightly in Athens. However, people do make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes include getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after having one too many drinks.

Individuals who have a history of being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol may face severe consequences for their actions when convicted of multiple DUI offenses in Georgia. But folks who make a one-time mistake of getting behind the wheel and driving after having a few drinks may be able to avoid or minimize the impact of a conviction when they work with an attorney who is focused on protecting their rights and futures.

Unfortunately, the chances of having one’s charges dismissed or having the consequences of an arrest or conviction reduced after an alleged first-offense drunk driving arrest may quickly be jeopardized when the first-time DUI arrest also involves a car accident or pedestrian accident, even when no one suffers catastrophic, life-threatening or fatal injuries.

Last week, it was reported that a University of Georgia student who had been arrested for allegedly driving drunk last month is now being charged with felony DUI.

The student accidentally hit a pedestrian while she was driving. After confirming the pedestrian’s injuries, police charged the student with felony DUI since the pedestrian’s injuries required surgery. The pedestrian’s injuries were deemed serious. According to the Athens Banner-Herald, the pedestrian’s foot was broken in the accident.

The student is 23 years old. Although she faces serious charges that could have a significant impact on her future, the student may still benefit from working with an attorney who will protect her interests as she moves forward with her case in court.

Source: Athens Banner-Herald, “Drunk UGA student injures pedestrian,” Feb. 6, 2013

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