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Georgia councilman faces 12-month license suspension after DUI arrest

| Feb 25, 2013 | License Suspension

According to reports, an Alpharetta City councilman was pulled over in Georgia on Feb. 23 for driving with a child who was not properly restrained in the vehicle. The traffic stop resulted in more than a citation for not properly restraining a child passenger, though.

While a police officer conducted the traffic stop, the officer noted that he could smell alcohol coming from the driver and the driver’s vehicle. The officer asked the driver to take a breath test, but the councilman refused to take the test and was arrested for DUI.

The councilman has since been charged with several criminal offenses resulting from the arrest, including DUI and child endangerment. He now faces a variety of consequences, including a 12-month driver’s license suspension.

In Georgia, drivers who refuse to take a breath test face a driver’s license suspension of one year. Folks who are arrested for DUI after agreeing to take a breath test face a driver’s license suspension of only six months if they blow a 0.08 or higher. A driver’s license suspension will go into effect after a DUI conviction.

Some folks who are convicted of DUI may still be able to drive under certain conditions, though. In order to retain some driving privileges after a DUI conviction, folks will want to make sure they apply for a restricted driver’s license within 10 days of an arrest.

If one’s request for a restricted driver’s license is approved and an individual is later convicted of DUI, the individual may still be able to drive to and from work or under other conditions. For many folks, retaining some driving privileges is necessary for moving on with their lives after a DUI conviction. The councilman who was arrested over the weekend will most likely attempt to protect his rights and driving privileges by consulting an aggressive defense attorney and by applying for a restricted driver’s license as well.

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