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Ex-Georgia linebacker pulled over for speeding, arrested for DUI

| Feb 19, 2013 | DUI |

Being arrested for allegedly driving drunk in Athens may certainly be an unpleasant experience. Folks may feel a bit angry for being accused of driving drunk after making a simple mistake while driving, and they may also feel very confused and uncertain about what will happen next.

Fans of the Bulldogs and those who have cheered for and supported former linebacker Alec Ogletree may currently be wondering what will happen next for the football player. Ogletree has been projected to be a first-round pick in the upcoming 2013 NFL draft. However, the former University of Georgia football player’s professional career may not be so certain anymore. It has been reported that Ogletree was arrested earlier this month for allegedly driving drunk.

According to reports, the former Georgia linebacker was pulled over in Arizona earlier this month for speeding. Police claim that the football player had also made a lane violation while driving. While speaking with Ogletree, an officer noted that the odor of alcohol was detected. Ogletree was then arrested for allegedly driving drunk.

The arrest has been widely publicized. Ogletree has stated that he “regrets” what happened, and he is also “thankful” that no one was hurt. The football player was not involved in a motor vehicle accident while he was allegedly driving drunk.

DUI arrests and charges can be very damaging because folks often face more than just legal consequences after an arrest. In some cases, individuals who are accused of driving drunk may lose their jobs, their reputations may be destroyed, and future career and academic opportunities may be ruined. This is a horrible situation to be in, but folks who are arrested for DUI may be able to minimize these consequences when they consult a DUI defense attorney.

Source: Albany Herald, “Georgia linebacker Ogletree arrested for DUI,” Feb. 17, 2013

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