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Troopers report 321 DUI arrests in Georgia during New Year’s

| Jan 7, 2013 | DUI |

Although some cities and counties in Georgia reported fewer DUI arrests during the recent New Year’s holiday compared to the previous year, overall, police reported more DUI arrests throughout the entire state over the recent New Year’s holiday compared to last year.

During the 2011 New Year’s holiday, which consisted of a 78-hour period, 262 people were arrested in Georgia for allegedly driving drunk. Between 6 p.m. on the Friday before New Year’s Day and midnight on Jan. 1 of this year, more than 300 people were arrested throughout the state for allegedly driving while intoxicated.

The Georgia State Patrol reported that a total of 321 people were arrested for DUI over the recent holiday. Hundreds of accidents were also reported throughout the state, but police have not said how many accidents were caused by drivers who may have been drunk. According to reports, at least six people were killed in fatal accidents over the New Year’s holiday. Last year during the same period, seven people had been killed in traffic accidents.

First-time offenders and repeat offenders face different consequences for DUI in Georgia, but first-time offenders could face additional penalties and consequences if they are involved in an alleged DUI accident that results in serious or fatal injuries.

Law enforcement officers are always on the lookout for drivers who may be intoxicated, but during the holidays, police usually increase patrols in an effort to make the roads safer for travelers.

Although some drivers do make mistakes that suggest that they are impaired, other drivers might make minor mistakes and still be accused of driving drunk without reasonable suspicion. In either situation, drivers who are accused of DUI may want to consult an attorney who will help them resolve their legal problems as best as possible.

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