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UGA athlete plans to transfer after alcohol-related charges

| Dec 18, 2012 | Underage Drinking

A freshman at the University of Georgia who was expected to play well during his first baseball season with the Bulldogs this spring is now trying to transfer to another school before the baseball season starts.

Due to a couple of alleged run-ins with law enforcement in the past few months, the UGA freshman was informed by the Bulldogs baseball program that he would be suspended for 20 games this season. One of the alleged run-ins with law enforcement had resulted in an arrest for underage possession of alcohol.

Last week, it was reported that the student has decided to transfer to another school before the upcoming spring semester starts in an attempt to play ball for another team.

According to reports, the UGA freshman was arrested in August after he had allegedly threatened someone. He was arrested for a second time in November for underage possession of alcohol. UGA policies mandate that athletes must be suspended for at least 10 percent of regular season games for alcohol-related offenses.

Underage drinking may seem harmless, but for the former UGA baseball player, underage drinking charges have already started to affect his future. In addition to facing a 20-game suspension, the student also faces legal consequences such as fines, a possible conviction and an arrest record.

The freshman hopes that a transfer to another school will allow him to continue playing baseball. If he completes a successful season with a collegiate program, he could be eligible for the Major League Baseball draft.

When college students and other Georgia residents who are under the age of 21 are accused of alcohol-related offenses, they need to fully understand the charges that have been filed against them as well as the academic, legal and social consequences they could face. An aggressive and strategic defense attorney can assist college students who are facing these types of legal issues.

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