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Georgia’s annual ‘Operation Zero Tolerance’ begins this week

| Dec 12, 2012 | DUI |

Earlier this week on our Athens, Georgia, DUI law blog, we mentioned that drunk driving charges can result in far-reaching consequences that could affect some people’s jobs and careers. These consequences are very damaging, but drunk driving can result in more than the loss of a job. One’s mistake to drive after drinking could result in the loss of a life.

To prevent fatal accidents and drunk driving accidents this holiday season, law enforcement agencies throughout Georgia will be participating in the “Operation Zero Tolerance” campaign, which will run from Dec. 14 through New Year’s Day. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is never legal, but law enforcement agencies typically increase patrols during the holidays to crack down on drunk drivers who are leaving holiday parties or other social gatherings.

This year, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reported that it is trying to encourage all motorists to make safer decisions in addition to not driving after drinking. According to reports, Georgia has already recorded a high number of fatal traffic accidents this year.

For the first time in six years, Georgia could see an increase in fatal accidents from the previous year. Officials said the easiest way to prevent this from happening is to drive sober and to drive safely.

To avoid a DUI arrest or drunk driving accident, folks are always encouraged to designate a sober driver or to call a taxi if they have too much to drink while celebrating the holidays with friends and family.

When an individual is accused of driving drunk after being involved in a serious or fatal car accident, the alleged drunk driver could face felony charges or other criminal offenses, such as vehicular homicide in the first degree. As you can imagine, the penalties for these charges can be very severe. Individuals accused of felony DUI or other drunk driving-related offenses will need someone on their side who will protect their rights.

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