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Georgia linebacker hit with DUI charge

| Nov 19, 2012 | Underage DUI |

It’s well known that enforcement of underage drinking in the Athens area is especially strict. As we reported in a previous post, arrests of minors for charges of alcohol consumption is higher in Clarke County than other portions of Georgia with similar size and populations. These stringent measures extend to drunk driving as well, making it exceedingly difficult for underage residents to get away with drinking and then getting behind the wheel.

One Bulldogs inside linebacker learned this lesson the hard way last week after he was arrested and charged with DUI and underage possession and consumption of alcohol by an officer on River Road. The 18-year-old was stopped just before midnight Nov 8 for driving 15 miles over the speed limit.

After attempting to explain his misunderstanding of the road’s speed limit, the officer noted signs of intoxication in the driver, including glassy eyes, nervously shaking hands, and a strong odor of alcohol. After denying drinking twice, the Bulldogs defenseman consented to a breathalyzer test, which showed a .061 blood alcohol content.

While .08 remains the legal blood alcohol limit for Georgia drivers over the age of 21, minors are subject to a limit of .02, meaning that the young linebacker’s blood alcohol content was high enough to land him a trip to Clarke County Jail for both underage intoxication charges and DUI.

On top of high fines and the potential loss of one’s license, a drunk driving conviction can stay on a young Georgian’s permanent record and haunt both their reputation and employment prospects for years to come. Contacting a lawyer immediately following a DUI/DWI arrest is the best way to start building a strong defense.

Source: The Red & Black, “Football player travels 15mph over speed limit charged with DUI,” Caitlin O’Brien, Nov. 14, 2012