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UGA student seeking safe ride home charged with underage drinking

| Oct 10, 2012 | Underage Drinking |

Earlier this week on our Athens, Georgia, DUI defense law blog, we had mentioned that a University of Georgia student was arrested and charged with DUI after she allegedly caused a minor traffic accident while intoxicated.

A DUI arrest is a very serious matter that could result in life-changing consequences, especially for college students. Folks might assume that by now the student has already decided to work with a defense attorney in order to protect her rights and academic interests. However, folks might not realize that students who are accused of less serious offenses could still face damaging consequences after an arrest. These students may benefit just as much from working with a strategic and aggressive defense attorney.

For example, a UGA student who was cited for underage drinking last week could be placed on academic probation as a result of the charge. If he is accused of committing a repeat offense, he could be at risk being suspended from school or banned from living on campus.

According to the Athens Banner-Herald, the 20-year-old student was allegedly trying to hitch a ride home after drinking too much alcohol. He was walking on the side of the road with his thumb out when a police officer drove past him around 2 a.m. on Oct. 5. The officer claims that he almost hit the student when the student tried to wave the officer down.

The officer did stop his vehicle after turning around to approach the student. When the officer approached the student, he asked to see his identification. However, the student gave the officer his brother’s driver’s license instead. After suspecting that the student was under the age of 21 and intoxicated, the officer issued a citation for underage consumption of alcohol and soliciting a ride from the roadway.

Source: Athens Banner-Herald, “Drunk student tries to hitch ride from police,” Oct. 5, 2012

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